How to improve the efficiency of two way radio communication?

As the level of social informatization continues to improve, traditional two way radios remain in a simple point-to-point voice communication mode, which can no longer meet the increasingly refined work needs of users in different industries. While the wireless two way radio guarantees the high-quality communication experience of industry customers, how to further optimize its own functions and improve the needs of multi-group, multi-person team collaboration and efficient communication has become an important consideration for industry customers to choose.

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Group call: radio group call, as the name suggests, is a call between a group. By dividing users, efficient intra-group calls are realized. Generally speaking, it is somewhat similar to our WeChat group chat. Compared with traditional analog radios, digital radios have more advantages in group call function. Digital radios can not only use radio spectrum resources more efficiently, but also carry multiple service channels on one channel, accommodate more users, and provide integrated voice and data services, so that customers can obtain more accurate information and improve work efficiency.

GPS positioning: When encountering an emergency, the GPS positioning function can quickly locate specific personnel, which becomes the key to improving the overall team collaboration ability. The radio that supports high-precision GPS positioning function can not only obtain the location information of personnel/vehicles and terminals in real time through the public network dispatching background, but also send GPS information in real time to inform rescuers when working alone or traveling outdoors, port, urban management, security and other industry customers, delineate the commuting range and area, significantly reduce the communication cost in a wide area, and realize seamless communication between teams.

IP connection: The distance of communication directly affects the ability of teams to realize each other. Professional radios usually have a design power of 4W or 5W according to different frequency bands, and the communication distance can reach 8~10KM even in an open environment (without signal blocking around). When a customer wants to form a wireless two way communication network with a larger coverage area, one is to choose a public network radio, relying on the mobile operator network base station to achieve nationwide communication, but this may cause delays and information leakage; this It is recommended that you choose a digital trunking system with IP connection, which can connect multiple repeaters to each other through the IP network to form a wireless radio system with a larger coverage area.

Single base station and multi-base station cluster: When many radio users are in the same communication system, it is necessary to ensure that the intercommunication of different groups and different personnel is not interfered with, and to achieve efficient dispatching by the command center. This requires the terminal to have both single base station and Cluster function of multiple base stations. The virtual cluster function, in the dual time slot working mode, when one of the time slots is busy, the other time slot will be used automatically to help users improve communication efficiency during busy periods or when there are many users.

Post time: Dec-20-2022